Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Royal Academy Winter loan Exhibition catalogues 1870 to 1913

The Royal Academy Winter loan Exhibition catalogues (1870-1913 ) have been digitised and are now available online via the RA Collections section of the Royal Academy Website. http://www.racollection.org.uk/
In 1870, coinciding with its move to Burlington House, the RA began organising an annual loan exhibition of Old Masters and works by recently deceased British artists, known from its inception and for many years as the Winter Exhibition.

Go to the  RA Collections page  . This website contains images of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, historic books, archives, historic photographs and plaster casts owned by the Royal Academy. A special section on Constable includes a video on his treatment of weather and light.

For the Winter Loan catalogues click on the Exhibition Catalogue  link (in a list top right) to view thumbnail images of the title pages of each catalogue. Click on a thumbnail image to display a large image of the title-page. Use the Next & Previous buttons to browse through the catalogue. You can also enter search terms in the Search within the catalogue box to search for artists, titles and lenders within the catalogue. This will display a list of the pages on which your search terms were found.
Below the catalogue pages you will also find thumbnail images of some of the works that were exhibited in the exhibitions. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to a page displaying a larger image and more information about that work.

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