Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Freezeframe- 20,000 Polar images searchable in an online collection

Something for a sunny day with thanks to Sarah Williams
The Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge owns a vast and much of it fragile collection of polar images dating from the earliest famous days of polar exploration to the modern day. The photographs allow searchers to  trace the history of polar exploration and also that of polar photography and include images of domestic scenes round camp, aboard the polar vessels, animals polar and expeditionary and staggering landscapes made of ice. These images are now searchable online through Freezeframe, a fully catalogued digital image database of polar exploration photographs from 1845-1982 that has been produced by the Scott Polar Research Institute to support learning, teaching and research into topics relating to the history of Arctic and Antarctic history, exploration, and science.
The  images are presented with ancillary material from the collections of the Institute, and critical essays contextualising much of the material.

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