Friday, 24 June 2011

Artists’ Books Special Collection in Howard Gardens Library

Some of the items from our 50 new Artists' Books are now on display in a magnificent lighted glass case to be found in the Yellow Room (to the left as you enter Howard Gardens library). Information about the books  can be found by searching LOCATE, the Library catalogue, as normal . The books are for reference only and not kept on the shelves but may be viewed upon request -ask for details at the Library desk. The display in the Artists' Book Collection glass cabinet will be changed periodically to allow the full range of material to be seen.
The collection includes items such as Sioux Bradshaw’s ‘Art Lover Seeks’:  a simple A4 single printed and folded page and Franticham’s Assembling Box of visual poetry and Fluxus inspired works - a set of individual sheets from over 20 contributing artists. Some of Jill Barker’s ‘Somerset Stones’ series include wood engraved prints and house actual stones within the pages, and Jo Wilson’s limited edition ‘Beside the Sea’ is a single scroll contained in a boxed wooded frame. The collection also includes Zines. New artists' books will continue to be added to this new and exciting resource.

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