Tuesday, 17 September 2013

free light table-mix it up!!

Oskar Boethius Lissheim,  Icon for first Light Table app for iPhone.

I am going to be talking to students this year about digital images-where to find good quality legal images of art and design and other subjects. This is very much business as usual, but, as part of a workshop on Visual Literacy,I shall also be showing them slides (!!) These objects that took so much work and time to create, that were shown at pre-arranged times to large groups in dark rooms to the accompaniment of a whirring fan cooling the carousel on the slide projector. I won’t have loupes and light table with me in the teaching room-it’s all digital there-but I shall have a bag of slides and….an ipad. I also imagine some of the students will have iphones. We can view the slides on these digital devices by using a light table created by the self styled ‘one man think tank' Andrew Hake. If you want to see slides on your ipad or iphone go here!!

And if you have iOS 4.2.1 you have built in Brightness control with a simple double-tap of the Home Button and a swipe to the left.

The deluxe model is an app that costs $3, with all sorts of options, including choices of colour temperatures: