Monday, 14 February 2011

Beautiful Buddhist figures

The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff  is showing a small but quite wonderful collection of stone carved figures.
This is a lovely little band of musicians I saw on Saturday. There is a Flickr set showing many of the sculptures here

"From Steep Hillsides: Ancient Rock Carvings from Dazu, China" has brought to Cardiff a selection of  sculptures that have become detached from their original setting, along with accurate replicas of some of the most important sculptures still in situ . There are also large panoramic photographs to give some idea of what it is like to visit these spectacular places (staggering) I am going to go-definitely!!
Dazu in Southern China  is a world heritage site and on the steep hillsides there are over 50,000 carved figures . Although they are very old many retain trcaes of colour. Many of the figures of Buddhist monks and bottisivas make you feel calm just to look at them. One of the photos shows a section of the rock carvings that portrays the Buddhist way of 'Parental Love'that stretches for 500metres. At the lower level are the devils (there's a 'knee chopping hell'-not nice), the central segment depicts ordinary people where delightful children are tenderly looked after by loving parents) and buddhas and bodhisattvas (enlightened beings)-larger than humans and godlike sit imposingly over all, on the highest level of the hillside
The sculptures have never before been seen outside China. Don't miss them!!
exhibition runs 26 Jan3 Apr ( Open Tuesday–Sunday and bank holiday Mondays)

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