Thursday, 19 January 2012

Road safety advert

I'm going through all the emails I received whilst I was away in the summer. I subscribe to the marvellous Kindling-the Do lectures newsletter which provides as they put it 'the best stuff from last week. The most inspiring articles, ideas, videos, talks etc. We edit them down. So you don’t have to'.

One of the items from the  newsletter in early July was this Youtube video . All material © 2010 Sarah Alexander/Daniel Cox/Sussex Safer Roads.
An exceptionally effective advertisement ,  it makes me want to put a seat belt on right now even though I'm stationary in a computer chair. It has been viewed over 14 million times-now that is a successful design product!

I've mentioned The Do lectures before. They provide a variety of inspirational talks, their strapline is Ideas + Energy = Change 
Attending the Do Lectures is very costly, but they are available for free online.
This one is about doing things the long hard stupid way

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