Friday, 20 April 2012

Fly on the Wall

Watch  workshop assistants creating a new Damien Hirst with a live feed ......Studio view one gives you a ground view and Studio view two camera is an aerial view. They are presently making a rather wonderful new piece of  variously sized stainless steel scalpel blades fixed onto a circular black canvas which today a young man is colouring in. Just one part of a very rich website that includes news, galleries of the most famous works, audio and video and a shop where you could buy a £5 spot keyring or splash out a bit more (£11,000) on a signed charm bracelet-the charms are casts of 35 pills. Damien Hirst is the subject of a major retrospective at Tate Modern, London running from 4th April-9th September.  Adrian Searle art critic of the Guardian  wrote that 'this exhibition charts a great descent in Hirst's art, one that mirrors the ascent of his bankability and the creation of ever more decadent and overblown artefacts.' The Sunday Times gave it four stars. Visit the exhibition to  find out for yourself . If you can't make it to London then let Noel Fielding take you on a private tour of the exhibition


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