Monday, 31 January 2011

Patricia Johanson landscape architect, artist, designer and ecologist

'For over twenty years Patricia Johanson has patiently insisted that art can help to heal the earth. For the last ten years she has been creating large-scale projects that posit a radical, yet utterly practical vision. She works with engineers, city planners, scientists and citizens' groups to create her art as functioning infrastructure for modern cities'. you can borrow the book by Kelley from Howard Gardens Library.
Here is a Youtube interview with Patricia Johanson  discussing her recently completed biosculpture installation in Finland and talking about her approach to what she does. The video was created for Remediate/Re-vision at Wave Hill in New York, an exhibition curated by Jennifer McGregor in August 2010. Follow the Wave Hill  link for a downloadable catalogue of the exhibition so that you may read about  the work of 15 major art & ecology artists . I met Patricia in Turkey many years ago at an art and ecology conference. She is articulate and pioneering. She describes her position as 'working at the cutting edge of what is known and what is just hoped for'.

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