Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter in Port Talbot: The Passion

Michael Sheen (famous as the actor playing Tony Blair in 'The Queen' and Frost in 'Frost/Nixon') returned to his hometown of Port Talbot to direct and act in a 3 day play called The Passion  with a cast of over 1000 (14 actors and the rest members of the community in choirs and bands, amateur acting and dancing groups and ordinary people who thronged the streets).  Staging was by  Bill Mitchell and the Cornish site-specific miracle-workers WildWorks, the sound designer Mike Beer, lighting designer Paul Jarvis, and music director Clair Ingleheart. It was a National Theatre Wales , Wildworks production. The project is described here
The 72-hour performance, inspired by the biblical passion play, took place around the town on Easter weekend. During the marathon event, Sheen performed sequences on Port Talbot's beaches, hills and streets, including "The Trial" at Civic Square, "The Procession" at Station Road and "The Cross" on Aberavon Seafront.
There are some images here and here that show key moments from the Passion Play. Watch out for the filmed version on BBC in the future

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